Arab Voices Archives for 2021
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January 13, 2021


1st Segment: Remarks & Commentary on last week's attack on the U.S. Capitol

We will talk about last week's disastrous event at the U.S. Capitol during the certification proceedings of President-elect Joe Biden, and will share statements and comments from a few organizations and individuals, including a statement and community advisory by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR National), and a community safety alert issued by the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR Houston), statement from the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), commentary from James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute (AAI), and latest commentary from Sahar Aziz, Professor of Law and Chancellor's Social Justice Scholar & Director of the Center for Security, Race, and Rights at Rutgers University Law School on "The FBI's Racialized Priorities Endangered Our Democracy". In that commentary, Aziz analyzes past week's siege on the Capitol, and asks where was the FBI in the months leading up to the violent siege on the Capitol?


2nd Segment: Insurrection: A New Day of Infamy, Rooted in Centuries Old White Supremacy!

We will air an episode from Building Bridges radio program that airs on our sister station WBAI in New York on white supremacy and white nationalism. The episode is titled "Insurrection: A New Day of Infamy, Rooted in Centuries Old White Supremacy!". The guest is Eric Ward, Executive Director and Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Race Forward, and Executive Director of Western States Center. Eric Ward is a nationally-recognized expert on the relationship between authoritarian movements, hate violence, and building toward an inclusive democracy.

  3rd Segment: American Mirror and Confederate Statues

We will listen to Dr. Synnika Lofton's Topical Poem of the Week: American Mirror and Confederate Statues.
"This week I wrapped my mind around Americas obsession with Confederate monuments: a celebration of history or a celebration of white supremacy?"



January 6, 2021


Issa Amro (in Hebron, occupied Palestine)

We will air an interview we conducted with Issa Amro (in Hebron, occupied Palestine) a few hours before he appeared in an Israeli occupation military court today.
The State of Israel had brought 18 charges against Issa for his civil disobedience and nonviolent protests against the Israeli occupation, and today, January 6, 2021, was his day in the Israeli occupation military court. Issa was convicted on 6 military charges. The Judge, who is an Israeli colonizer living on stolen Palestinian land, told Issa he is not allowed to protest against the Israeli occupation peacefully without a permit from the Israeli occupation forces!!! The sentencing hearing for the 6 charges is set for February 8, 2021.
Issa Amro is a Palestinian activist and human rights defender based in Hebron, occupied Palestine. He is the former coordinator and co-founder of the grassroots group Youth Against Settlements. Issa won the 2009 One World Media award for coordinating the B’Tselem camera distribution project, and in 2010, he was declared "human rights defender of the year in Palestine" by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. In 2013, the United Nations Human Rights Council expressed concern for his well-being and safety due to numerous accounts of harassment from Israeli soldiers and settlers and a series of arbitrary arrests. Issa was arrested numerous times by the Israeli occupation army. In 2017, Bernie Sanders along with 3 U.S. Senators and 32 Congressmen wrote to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, at that time, to urge Israeli authorities to reconsider the charges against him. In late September 2017, after being released on bail from Israeli occupation jail, Issa Amro met Bernie Sanders and members of Congress in Washington, D.C.
Stand With Issa