Arab Voices Archives for 2002
Date: December 25, 2002

Topic Middle Eastern Songs

Arabic songs from different Middle Eastern Arab countries

Date: December 18, 2002

Dr. William Cook
Professor of English at the University of La Verne in California


The latest issues on the Middle East, including Iraq and the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, as well as the U.S. policy towards the Middle East

Date: December 11, 2002

Dr. Robert Jensen
Associate Professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and Director of the College of Communication Senior Fellows Program

Topic: The U.S. policy towards the Middle East, especially towards Iraq and Palestine
Date: December 4, 2002
Guest: Sam Husseini
Communications Director for the Institute for Public Accuracy, who's articles on politics, foreign affairs, public policy, media, and pop culture have been published in numerous outlets. Prior to joining IPA, Husseini was media director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
Topic: The latest on the Iraqi front and the Palestinian/Israeli conflict
Date: November 27, 2002

Dr. Stephen Zunes
professor of politics and chair of the Peace and Justice Studies program at the University of San Francisco.

Topic: The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and what might happen if the US invaded Iraq.
Date: November 20, 2002

Sobhi Al-Zobaidi
Award winning Palestinian filmmaker and writer

Topic: The new film: Crossing Kalandia
Date: November 13, 2002

George Rishmawi
Christian-Palestinian from Bethlehem, and activist promoting non-violent means of resisting occupation


His eye-witness account of the suffering of Palestinian children and families under the Israeli military occupation

Date: November 6, 2002
Guest: Najat ElSayed
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Houston)

Topic: Ramadan.  Why do Muslims fast, and what are the benefits of fasting.
Date: October 30, 2002
Guest: Tim Riley
Democratic nominee running for the United States Congress

Topic: Resolving the Middle East Conflict
Date: October 23, 2002

Khalid Turrani
Executive director of the Washington-based American Muslims for Jerusalem, former director of government relations and development at the American Muslim Council, served on the national policy council of the Arab-American Institute, and the Executive Board of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee


Topic: Occupied Palestine and the Israeli Actions there
Date: October 16, 2002

Muna Hamza
Palestinian-American journalist and author who has been writing about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since 1985. She is the author of 'Refugee in Our Land: Chronicles From a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Bethlehem', and a contributing writer to 'The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid'. Her new book, 'Operation Defensive Shield: Witnesses to War Crimes in Palestine: will be published in January 2003. Ms. Hamzeh lived in the Occupied Palestinian Territories between 1989-2000, and witnessed both Palestinian uprisings

Topic: The situation in Palestine and what is about to happen in Iraq  
Date: October 9, 2002

Nadia Hijab
Author who has written widely on the Middle East, author of  Womanpower: The Arab Debate on Women at Work, and Citizen Apart: A Portrait of Palestinians in Israel. She was editor-in-chief of the Middle East Magazine and was a frequent commentator on the BBC while based in London.  As a New York based independent consultant since 1999, she worked for international development organizations on human rights, human development, gender, and the media. She is a member and past president of the Association of Arab American University Graduates, and a member of the ADC

Topic: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Iraqi situation

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Date: October 2, 2002

Ray Hanania
Award-winning Palestinian-American Journalist, author and writer, long time advocate for peace between Arabs and Jews, served as national president of the Palestinian American Congress (95-96)
, Executive Director of the National Arab American Journalist Association, and commentator on the Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN). He is also a professional stand-up comedian, and an American Military Veteran.

Topic: The rise of the Arab-American media, and the portray of Arabs in the U.S. media.

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Date: September 25, 2002

Noor Kesbeh
Palestinian refugee living in Houston


The INS deportation orders for Noor and her family to leave Houston.



Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh
Co-founder of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, member of the national steering committee of the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, Vice President of the Middle East Crisis Committee, author of several books including Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle, self-syndicated columnist whose articles appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, and Al-Ahram in Egypt.

Topic: The occupation of Palestine
Date: September 18, 2002

Dr. Rania Masri
Award-winning human rights activist and coordinator of the Iraq Action Coalition

Topics: The Iraqi and Palestinian situations
Date: September 11, 2002

Dr. Ziad Asali
President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
Special live broadcast across the nation

Topic: First Anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and the change in U.S. foreign and domestic policies
Date: September 11, 2002

Dr. James Zogby
Founder and president of the Arab American Institute (AAI)


How did the September 11th attacks affected the Arab-American community in the U.S.

Date: September 4, 2002

Carolyn Parrish
Member of the Canadian Parliament for the Federal Riding of Mississauga Centre

Topic: Her fact-finding mission to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip
Date: August 28, 2002
Guest: Dr. Riad Al-Zaanoun
Palestinian Minister of Health
LIVE from Gaza city
Topic: The new Israeli massacre in Gaza
Date: August 21, 2002

Kathy Kelly
Founder of Voices in the Wilderness, coordinator of Iraq Peace Team, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who
visited Iraq many times, and also visited the occupied Palestinian territories, and was very active there, traveling to a number of cities, including Ramallah and Jenin.  She witnessed Israeli military actions, shot at by Israeli snipers, escorted Palestinian ambulances, and recorded the stories of Palestinians who were tortured, interrogated, and used as human shields

Topic: Kathy's experience in Iraq and Palestine.  What did she observe?
Date: August 14, 2002

Khalil Jahshan
Executive Vice-President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and director of its Government Affairs Affiliate, the National Association of Arab Americans


The latest Middle East issues, including the situation in Iraq and Palestine

Date: August 7, 2002

Diana Buttu
Legal advisor with the Negotiations Support Unit of the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization

Topic: The Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation
Date: July 31, 2002

Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa
Ambassador, Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations

Topic: The Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the U.N. role in resolving it
Date: July 24, 2002

Ray Hanania
Writer of an award-winning syndicated column analyzing Middle East events, humorist, satirist and stand-up comedian who launched his public comedy performances after September 11 to help break through the growing hatred and animosity

Topic:  Arab Americans and the media
Date: July 17, 2002

Shaw Darwish
President of the Houston Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
Charles Homsy
Vice President of ADC-Houston

Topic: Issues facing the Arab-American community in Houston, and how the U.S. policy towards the Middle East affects them
Date: July 10, 2002

Dr. Robert Jensen
Associate Professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and Director of the College of Communication Senior Fellows Program

Topic: The U.S. policy towards the Middle East, and the media coverage of events there
Date: July 3, 2002
Guest: Ned Khatib
Palestinian-American activist living in Houston, Texas
Topic: Palestinian Refugees, and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
Date: June 26, 2002

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Date: June 19, 2002

Anees Barghouti
Deputy minister for the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and former Ambassador of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the United States (1992 to 1995)

Topic: The situation in occupied Palestine
Date: June 12, 2002
Guests: The Listeners

Topic: Listeners' live comments, views and questions about the Middle East
Date: May 15, 2002

Hossein Ibish
Communications director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Topic: U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East
Date: April 16, 2002

Hanan Elmasu
Palestinian human rights worker based in Geneva, Switzerland where she advocates for Palestinian human rights within the United Nations, a member of the Board of Trustees of Addameer, an organization that observes Israeli human rights practices, advocates on behalf of Palestinian political prisoners and generally promotes human rights


Human Rights violations in occupied Palestine by the Israeli occupation government