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About Arab Voices

Founder, Executive Producer and Host:  Said
Arab Voices is an award-winning independent radio talk show that has been broadcasting live every Wednesday since April 2002 on KPFT Radio (Pacifica Network), 90.1 FM in Houston and 89.5 FM in Galveston, and in few cases, we were able to broadcast special programs across the nation. The show also broadcasts live worldwide on the Internet at www.kpft.org or at www.ArabVoices.net. The show is also syndicated and it airs on WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Every Wednesday, we bring you special programs and distinguished guests, covering a wide range of issues such as the Arab world, its history, culture and civilization, Arab-Americans, civil rights and liberties, immigration issues, media coverage of events about the Arab world, the U.S. Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, and much more.
Arab Voices aims at bringing the truth, facts and realities to the wide and diverse range of listeners.  It debunks many of the stereotypes, myths and false information disseminated by certain media outlets, some politicians and others.
Arab Voices also brings you the latest news from the Middle East, keeps you updated with local events and activities (Community Calendar), discusses important issues with distinguished guests and politicians from around the globe, and takes your calls live on the air.

Over 1,000 expert guests have appeared on the show
from around the globe since 2002, including:


Arab Voices Executive Producer and Host, Said, received several awards and recognitions over the years, including:

"2017 Outstanding Arab Media Award"
Arab American Cultural and Community Center (ACC)

2017 Certificate of Appreciation
Arabic Language Institute

2016 Award for Sincere Dedication & Exemplary Service; and recognition as a Friend of Humanity
Helping Hand for Relief and Development

2015 Appreciation Award for Support to the Palestinian Community
Houston Palestine Film Festival

2012 Justice in Media Award for Fair, Accurate, and Inclusive Media Representation of Minorities
Council on American-Islamic Relations

2012 Award for Outstanding Services to the Community
Palestinian American Cultural Center